¿What are we looking for?



Lawyers with a strong legal background, with outstanding team work capacity.


Professionals well versed in the technological environment and Internet, and very pragmatic.


Excellent oral and written skills and open to new ways of practicing advocacy.

Why working with us?



Because you will be part of a dynamic corporate project undergoing a process of expansion.


Because you will receive practical training which will allow you to understand customer´s needs.


Because you will access a structured professional development plan, clear and with a future.


Because we will do continuous follow-up through personal evaluations


Because you will enter a young human team with knowledge in the ITC´s.


Because you will receive a competitive salary in accordance to good practices.

Would you like to work under an apprenticeship contract at LEAN Lawyers?

If you believe in our project, if you believe you can share our view of the business, if what we offer meets your professional expectations and if you believe your professional profile suits what we have described…….

...Contact us at the email address rrhh@leanabogados.com