The Firm


We understand what you need because we are entrepreneurs like you.

National reach,
local experience

Wherever you are, with the guarantee of a culture and a common professional standard for the entire country.


We are here to break the rules concerning traditional legal delivery.


We are clear, there is no small print nor will there ever be any, in our contracts.




The technological revolution of the past decades has forever transformed global market conditions. Today, it is customers who hold all the power on the services they demand. LEAN came to put personalised solutions in the hands of our customers at reasonable prices and with total transparency in all and every one of the steps concerning their matter.


LEAN has over 30 offices and 300 expert lawyers in tax, labour and commercial matters throughout Spain. Thanks to the implementation of the LEAN model at the legal industry, we are able to offer personalised services at a reasonable price. Regardless of the nature or size of your business, the adequate legal assistance is a tool you can count on to succeed.


Legal procedures are not complicated when you have the adequate lawyer beside you, with enough experience and the professional ethic you wish. At LEAN not only do we care about our lawyers´ professional performance, but also about their capacity to go along with you and guide you at each stage of your matter, guarantying an adequate timely response.


A new way to understand advocacy


A revolutionary law firm.

A revolutionary law firm.

LEAN was born from the union of 30 of the most prestigious law firms in Spain with one objective: modernise the delivery of legal services and correct the inefficiencies that our industry traditionally laid on its customers.

Intensive use of technology, organization innovation and process automation has allowed LEAN to surpass traditional fragmentation to offer our customers a maximum quality service at competitive prices today.

¿Why LEAN?

LEAN was born to change the way in which lawyers interact with our customers. To modernise an industry which had traditionally laid its inefficiencies on those who sought its services. We believe that advocacy should be more direct, simpler, and more transparent. We will win for you, and we will do so for much less than what you imagine.